Monday, 8 February 2016

It's all about the Chi!

Kung Hei Fat Choi to everyone! It’s the year of the Monkey! And it’s the time to celebrate the Chinese New Year! I have been celebrating a lot (and took a break from blogging).. and I have returned after a really long break/ vacation/ time off! But I am happy to be back, with a new blog! While on my vacation, I saw a totally amazing movie, Kung Fu Panda 3! And that has inspired today’s blog post!

Its all about the Chi! Now for those, who don’t know what Chi is.. it a Chinese word which basically means energy or life force. It could be any form or type of energy.. either physical, emotional or spiritual! And the most important thing for us human beings, in todays day to day rigmarole is to maintain balance! Which actually means maintaining balance in different forms of energy!

Now, I am pretty sure.. everyone knows what I am about say next! We all studied this in some aspect or the other during our school days! Energy can neither be created nor destroyed. It can transform from one form to another. It’s the Law of Conservation of Energy! It’s a Law! Not a theory.. not a supposition! So there are no ifs and buts for this one! There is no way around it! It is, what it is!

We may not realize it, but this conversion of energy from one form to another, can either make us or break us! Now lets imagine.. you go to work today.. and  your boss promotes you.. or gives you a raise in salary. You would expect your selves to be motivated and work even harder with enthusiasm. That is nothing but conversion of energy from one form to another! Conversion of you feeling happy (positive energy) to be more motivated (positive energy). This positive feeling is portrayed in our emotions as well as physically in out body language!  

This also works the other way around! When you hear someone bitching about you, or putting you down with their nasty comments (negative energy) we convert it into another form – lets say depression, or sadness.. again this can be seen emotionally and physically! It is always about the conversion of energy!

Since it is all energy just changing its form! Its all Chi! Why cant we look at this from a different perspective and change negativity thrown at us, into something constructive! We can definitely use it to fuel our ambitious fire in us to do something creative, to achieve whatever we want! Allow the conversion of energy act as an advantage for you. Allow it to help you build positivity not just for yourself, but also for others! Of course it is not an easy process.. and requires intense training of the mind to allow the conversion of destructive chi into a beautiful, positive feeling filled with hope! But neither is it impossible! The ones who can do that, open up doors which they always considered to be closed for them! Its all about the chi!

I believe that this blogpost is my tiny attempt to put out positive energy.. Positive Chi into the world. And hopefully after reading this.. some amount of the negativity in you transforms itself! So that’s all for this week blog! Let me know, what you think about? What are your views on this? Can chi be converted? Have you done it? Share your experience with the ConfusedGyani.. and spread hope amongst others who are still trying. Any comments of suggestions are welcome! J

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