Thursday, 17 March 2016

Gyan of the Day 17.03.2016

So many of us complain and crib about our lives being miserable.. work being exhausting.. lack of time.. poor health.. and many other things!

But we don't realise.. tackling so many problems with a bad attitude would take up the same energy as it would take to be patient, strong and determined.

This inlines with Chi.. and all is energy.. same amount can be converted to make yourself feel miserable or strong. The choice is yours.

More on Chi here.

Do let me know.. what is your take on this! whether you agree or not..
How do you like this new feature of Gyan of the Day (Renewed.)?
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Monday, 14 March 2016

Gyan of the Day

Now this happens a lot with all of us! When we try to clear out misunderstandings, we realise that we didn't quite understand the situation, or we didn't understand the intentions of the other person when they said something particular.. or maybe we should have thought about this from their perspective before jumping to conclusions.. or assuming the worst of the situation.

Uff! Can you imagine.. all the drama we wouldn't have to go through.. if we asked questions instead of assuming and blaming others.. (Sometimes for things they didn't do!) How cool would that be? How peaceful our lives would be?

What do you'll think about this? has it ever happened with you.. that you jumped to conclusions without understanding the other person's point of view? How did you tackle the situation? It always helps to share the gyan! Lets have a nice discussion below in the comments section! Can't wait to hear from you! All comments and suggestions are welcome! :)


Friday, 11 March 2016

5 Traits from Animals, We should follow!

The mother earth, is filled with animals.. all sorts of them! Some we find cute.. some majestic.. the king of the jungle.. and some creep us out! Although everyone's main agenda is survival.. they do it in their own style!

We may forget.. but even we are animals.. social animals.. the most advanced kind! and some may even say.. the stupid kind.We don't usually realize.. but there are so  many life lessons that can be adapted from animals.. Inculcating these traits.. would definitely make our chances of survival better.

Here is a tiny list of traits.. I believe can help us!

1. Be Hardworking and Persistent as Ants

If you have ever closely looked at a trail of ants and observed them.. you would realize, how hardworking, determined and persistent they are in achieving their goal.. which in most cases is getting food.. or not dying (LOL) Nonetheless.. they teach us, that if their is an obstacle in front of you.. don't just give up.. but go over the obstacle.. or around it.. but reach your destination!

Now.. we humans do utilize this as well.. but only for menial things.. lets say.. you are driving.. and later come to know that the route you decided to take.. has a major road blocked.. you don't cry over it and go home! and forget about going out ever again! (Thats just stupid!) We quickly get our navigation system on.. and look for an alternate route!

So why cant we do that our bigger dreams.. which are slightly more difficult to achieve? Why do you give up? Shouldn't we navigate for an alternative route? Something to think about!

2. Elephants keep their families first.

Many of us, in the race of life.. and the daily nonsense.. actually forget to spend quality time with our family. Some of us stay with them.. and some don't.. We may see them everyday..  talk to them everyday.. but may not value our time and experiences with them!

Well this is one thing we can surely learn from Elephants.. who travel in herds, and are always together.. they even look and gather for food together..

Even though we are extremely busy.. that we may not get time for many important things, we should at least try to be together with our family for one meal.. sit and enjoy the company of our parents, siblings and other elephants in our herd!

3. The Lion does not lose sleep over a Sheep's opinion!

Lions.. are often known to kill sheep.. not be affected by their opinions! Now I don't encourage you to kill anyone! but at least don't allow the Sheep's opinion about you bother your mind! Please do not confuse Sheep with someone who is actually giving you positive criticism for improvement!

Flock of sheep, are those who don't have a mind of their own and are trying to fit you into a dogmatic mould of something the society expects out of you! Don't allow them to mold you in to something your not.. cause if you do that.. you would usually end up letting go of your extraordinary powers! And you are the best version of yourself.. when you allow your uniqueness to shine through!  

4. Prepare for Hibernation!

Many animals living in harsh cold conditions.. save up food for hibernation because they are smart and can foresee into the future to actually save up for their bad days! If you look at this situation, from colored glasses.. our condition is not that different.. we may not live in snow.. but we do live in the Concrete Jungle! We also need to save up for our own hibernation.. sometimes it may give us enough pre-indication (retirement); sometimes it comes unannounced..

The only way to overcome the bad weather is to prepare for it well in advance.. It might not be a top priority.. but it is important to look into our finances and other assets and be ready for winter! Time to be smart like the Polar Bear!

5. Relax.. and be lazy (Once in a while) like the Koala  

Its quite important and essential to do things that are necessary.. you need a job.. source of income.. some amount of education.. and many other important things.. but you also need to give yourself some time and opportunity to relax.. unwind.. and calm those wild anxious thoughts..

Adapt this trait from the Koala.. its important to have a good night sleep (at least 6 - 8 hours! Koala's sleep for more than 15 hours!).. not just for our body and health.. but it also always enough distance from work for you to be refreshed.. so that you can tackle all of life's challenges with a smile!

It may pay off to be lazy like the Koala on certain days!

So that's all for this week's post.. do let me know.. how you'll liked it.. Do you have a favorite animal trait? and if there are any traits that i missed out.. its always a good thing to share your gyan! Any comments, suggestions or opinions are welcome! Suggestions for my next post are super welcome! what would you like to hear about? Leave your comments in the section below.. and do not forget to share this post with your friends, family and just about everyone else! :) 

Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Resolutions – is it too late?

What does Resolution mean?

Resolution basically means to make a firm decision to do something whole-heartedly. A new years resolution dates back to 4000 years ago tradition, not necessarily being implied on 1st January! Many cultures celebrated new year on different basis. Like the Chinese new year is a few days away, celebrated in February.. and Indians celebrated Diwali in October-November usually. So it does not have to really be on 1st of January, it could be today 24th of February!

Even if its not start of the month, it could be a beautiful day to change your life, wipe the dust of the resolutions and act on it! Is there something you have always wanted to do? Learn an art, a new language? Maybe do something adventurous and overcome our fears.. like bungee jumping or sky diving? Maybe it isn’t anything big.. maybe there are a bunch of tiny changes to make your life better!! Like do want to give up any bad habits! (that's definitely on my list.. I am guilty of biting nails :( )

Everyday is a new year!

But lets face it, not many of us can keep up to the resolutions.. and most of the people who would have made new year resolutions in January, would have give up by now.. So maybe this blogpost today.. comes as a gentle reminder.. that it can still be done! Don’t loose your focus! Every day is the start of a new year technically, as it start of a new 365 day period! So everyday is a new opportunity to do something new, to let go of negativity and let go of things that hold you behind in life.. Everyday is a new chance to adopt new healthy habits, for a better lifestyle, to have your mind and heart at peace.

Its easy to get diverted, loose focus and become part of the monotonous rut.. but we need to remind ourselves of the reason why we took the resolution and focus on the outcome.. that healthy body, the new mindset which is void of fear or monotony.

Here are a few methods, that have helped me keep focus and I am sure would help you as well. 

1. Make a poster! - Calling all the art geeks! Create an image than inspires you to get out of the bed, and take necessary action. It could be motivational words.. or the end result of your diet! Visualizing our goal.. helps us achieve it!  

Not an art person? that's okay.. the internet has massive resources of pictures, save a few of them.. and make them into a slideshow.. let it play as your screensaver.. you can even create a video.. and watch it every time.. you need inspiration!

2.  Keep track - Maintain record of your progress! This is a really cool way of checking out how well you have done! They say, it requires 21 days to form a healthy new habit! You can use this printable chart.. to count the days and keep yourself going! There are so many printables available online, but I genuinely liked this one!

(Please note: the printable is not my work, and I do not take any credit for this!)

3. Join a group! - Find people who share a common goal with you! It is always better and easier to work in a team, than by yourself! You may get motivation from them.. tips and tricks of the trade needed to keep you going.. and nudging you in the write direction!

4. Reward yourself - you need to let yourself know, that you are doing a good job! Reward yourself after accomplishments! If your goal is big.. break it down into parts.. and treat yourself to something nice.. when you reach a milestone!

Don't believe in resolutions?

And if you are few of those, who don’t believe in the concept of resolution at all.. and think that maybe it is hocus pocus.. its alright! You may not call a resolution but you can still take steps.. whether they are major ones or tiny baby steps towards something better in your personal or professional life, because there is always room for improvement! The most important thing is to be focused! And keep going.. the road may be rocky and the progress may not be steady.. but atleast there is some progress.. so don’t give up! You are at a 100% chance of success as compared to those who don’t take any step!

Its never too late!

So its never too late to make a resolution.. Set your mind on how you want your life to be, take a deep breath and make the resolution necessary! May your new year (24th February) begin with a new attitude and a strong mindset to achieve all your goals! 

So that's it, for this weeks post! Hope you all liked it! and hopefully it motivates someone to get back and complete their resolutions! Let me hear your thoughts on this! what do you think? are resolutions not worth our time at all? or can they lead to bigger changes and improvement in our life?
Any suggestions or comments are always welcome!

Monday, 8 February 2016

It's all about the Chi!

Kung Hei Fat Choi to everyone! It’s the year of the Monkey! And it’s the time to celebrate the Chinese New Year! I have been celebrating a lot (and took a break from blogging).. and I have returned after a really long break/ vacation/ time off! But I am happy to be back, with a new blog! While on my vacation, I saw a totally amazing movie, Kung Fu Panda 3! And that has inspired today’s blog post!

Its all about the Chi! Now for those, who don’t know what Chi is.. it a Chinese word which basically means energy or life force. It could be any form or type of energy.. either physical, emotional or spiritual! And the most important thing for us human beings, in todays day to day rigmarole is to maintain balance! Which actually means maintaining balance in different forms of energy!

Now, I am pretty sure.. everyone knows what I am about say next! We all studied this in some aspect or the other during our school days! Energy can neither be created nor destroyed. It can transform from one form to another. It’s the Law of Conservation of Energy! It’s a Law! Not a theory.. not a supposition! So there are no ifs and buts for this one! There is no way around it! It is, what it is!

We may not realize it, but this conversion of energy from one form to another, can either make us or break us! Now lets imagine.. you go to work today.. and  your boss promotes you.. or gives you a raise in salary. You would expect your selves to be motivated and work even harder with enthusiasm. That is nothing but conversion of energy from one form to another! Conversion of you feeling happy (positive energy) to be more motivated (positive energy). This positive feeling is portrayed in our emotions as well as physically in out body language!  

This also works the other way around! When you hear someone bitching about you, or putting you down with their nasty comments (negative energy) we convert it into another form – lets say depression, or sadness.. again this can be seen emotionally and physically! It is always about the conversion of energy!

Since it is all energy just changing its form! Its all Chi! Why cant we look at this from a different perspective and change negativity thrown at us, into something constructive! We can definitely use it to fuel our ambitious fire in us to do something creative, to achieve whatever we want! Allow the conversion of energy act as an advantage for you. Allow it to help you build positivity not just for yourself, but also for others! Of course it is not an easy process.. and requires intense training of the mind to allow the conversion of destructive chi into a beautiful, positive feeling filled with hope! But neither is it impossible! The ones who can do that, open up doors which they always considered to be closed for them! Its all about the chi!

I believe that this blogpost is my tiny attempt to put out positive energy.. Positive Chi into the world. And hopefully after reading this.. some amount of the negativity in you transforms itself! So that’s all for this week blog! Let me know, what you think about? What are your views on this? Can chi be converted? Have you done it? Share your experience with the ConfusedGyani.. and spread hope amongst others who are still trying. Any comments of suggestions are welcome! J