Friday, 11 December 2015

Be Grateful for the Confusion!

We humans, get up in confusion live our entire day in dilemma and go to bed with so many unsolved questions of life, just to get up to another bright sunny day with a new set of confusions.

We are generally in thoughts about, what should I wear today to work, is this formal enough? We quickly scan our options in mind, and then make a decision. If you are a female, you have an extra set of crucial judgements as such the lipstick colour, and the fact that it must match with some part of your outfit, and that it can be the same shade you put on yesterday!  On a serious note, no one really cares! But we as individuals do, we care about the tiniest of our decisions! As we conquer one quest of choices, we are faced with another. What to eat for breakfast? What should you cook? Now this plays out the entire day for the rest of your life! And if you are a tiny bit more health conscious, this isn’t an easy choice to make a run for fastfood or take away. Which makes it more difficult!

From the easy minute decisions, to the big ones.. as is your partner “the one” for you? When is the right time to tie the knot! What to do with your life? What should be your career path? These are the difficult choices of life.. and most of the times, we are so afraid of the unknown, we are afraid of what would happen next, that we either get eaten up by our fears or we let the opportunity slip out of our hands.. we don’t do anything! We procrastinate and wonder of all the possibilities.. the good, bad and ugly ones. We end up in such a place where we don’t want to take responsibility of our life! Because its just too many decisions and too many choices!! And the worst of all, the immense pressure to make the correct choice always!

To deal with this immense pressure, we sought out to relax and calm our mind.. But how are you going to do that? Which method are you going to select? Is a choice again!!! Whether you want to let your hair down and party or want to curl up in a blanket and watch a movie.. it’s a choice and a preference! And at times, when you have to make soo many selections.. and make them at every point and numerous times a day it is exhausting!!!

But we forget the most important part of this process it is the liberty to make these choices! Some people don’t have a choice to decide what to eat, what to wear.. because they have nothing to eat! They have only one pair of raggedy clothes, and though they wish they had choices, they don’t! So many people from the young generation are confused with what to so with their lives, but such a decision was not available for us to make a few generations ago! If you were expected to be part of a profession, you must be.. no questions asked! Some live with that norm today as well! Some don’t decide who their life partner is going to be, they just follow decisions made on their behalf! We all know someone who is or was part of such a situation, and we sympathise with them. However we don’t stop cribbing about our life and the choices we have to make!

We need to learn to give it a break! We need to be grateful that we have choices in your life and that we have the freedom to make them. Don’t crib over the fact that you pick from two average looking outfits to wear, be happy that you at the very least have them! In dilemma whether to walk to the supermarket or drive down there? Be happy that you have all your limbs in tact to have a choice to walk and are privileged enough to have a car (no matter how old) to drive down if you wish to! Confused, whether you should eat a burger or a sandwich.. be appreciative that you have money in your pocket to decide. When you get to make a choice about what you want to do in life and also have your friends and family supporting you and still cant make up your mind because there are just too many options (life can be cruel at times), be thankful cause you might be one of the few lucky ones.. and you can choose anything you want to do.. or anyone you want to be! We only have to remember to be grateful for our choices and the confusion it brings along!

That’s it, for this week’s post.. Have your say at the confusions of life.. and what has been the most difficult decision in your life? Let me know what are some of the daily decisions that exhaust you? and what are the situations, where you feel grateful that you have freedom to choose! Leave them down in the comments section below! Any comments or suggestions about this blog post are welcome! 

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