Monday, 23 November 2015

Life Hack – To keep Negativity at Bay!

How many of us, feel negativity in various types of emotions in our daily grind, stuck in traffic you might feel irritated, disappointed with poor results of hardwork which will definitely lead to frustration. Being surrounded by negative people and their cribbing and cringing at everything they do, just brings you down as well. What we need to realize is that negativity is a two way street, and only when we respond to it, it enters our mind.
Negativity, is the modern day ghost! I remember when I was child I was told of this story, a man walking in an empty street after dark, a night darker than a no moon. The man hears a soft voice calling out his name, but he knows there is no one behind him. He knows he is the only one walking on street but then who is calling out to him? Could be a ghost? He hears his name again, and can feel the entity creep closer and closer to him.. He knows he is in trouble, he starts walking faster and faster with fear.. but he knows not to turn around and acknowledge the voice, because once you do that.. You will be damned forever! The same applies to negativity.. it is the modern day ghost.. it calls out to us in different ways. To be safe, we need to make sure we don’t respond to it. If we respond and acknowledge, it makes way in to our minds and soul! It distracts from our path to our true goal of happiness!
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Here are a few things I do, to keep negativity at bay!
1. We are gifted with two ears- please use them!
 We hear so many negative comments in our daily life, some our projected towards us, some we come across with others cribbing about their life! I am sure we are all familiar with these “Oh! I’m too fat! Look, she is prettier than you! I am not smart enough! No one likes me! I will never accomplish anything! I hate my situation!” It is inevitable to avoid hearing them.. but we can hear from one ear and discard using the second! Don’t allow it to stay rent free in our mind!
2. Don’t over complicate life more than it needs to be
We human were not built this way, but we have fine tuned ourselves to always think the worst, or overcomplicate the matter more than it is! We end up thinking, why did he/she say that.. what did they mean? What if, what I am hoping for does not happen? We need to quit overthinking and over complicating life, more than it already is!
3.Treasure hunt for positivity in negative comments
Our main goal of survival on this earth is to be happy, and live everyday of our life with happiness within and around us! Even if negativity is trying to get into our life, we should go on a treasure hunt for happiness.. its present around us, we just need to locate it and focus on positivity and happiness. When we decide to let go of the demeaning comments from someone and don’t let it affect us, it is like solving a puzzle, obtaining a clue.. getting closer to the treasure of eternal happiness.

4. Do something you love
Bring more positivity in to your life. Whether its is music, any kind of sport, meditation, art or even watching funny movies or videos online.. find your escape from reality. It helps remove the negativity from our souls, replenishes the energy and allows us to gain a different perspective to life and our situation. It will help us in reaching one step closer to our treasure!
5. Don’t start negativity
Whether it is about yourself or about others.. try not to indulge in the guilty pleasure of gossip (More on the Psychology of gossip - ) Remember it is a two way street. Never say anything to yourself or to others that you would not say to a discouraged younger sibling or your best friend! Always help others find positivity in their life.. and it will show up on your door too!
So this is my teeny tiny list of things I do to keep negativity at bay. What are some of the tactics that you use? And what are your views regarding these. Give it a go in the comments section below! Have your say at it! And also if you any comments or suggestions for a new blogpost, please leave them in the comments section below. J 

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