Tuesday, 27 October 2015

5 ways to motivate yourself

In this competitive world, we lack motivation more than anything else! Motivation to even take the first step to begin a new journey. Or motivation to pick up all the pieces and begin again or try again.
It gets even worse when we look for motivation from the outside.. surely that can help sometimes when we have friends, colleagues  or family supporting us through a trying time. But such help might not be available at all times! This is when we fall apart or we can look for motivation within our self!
To help those, who want to motivate themselves, I have prepared a short list of methods that I am sure will help!
1.      Focus on the POSITIVE: many a times, we lose sight of the goal, and our vision becomes blurry because we tend to focus on the efforts that may be required, the things we might need to sacrifice to achieve the goal! Let’s imagine, you are studying for exams, but don’t want to give up going out or are too scared of the subject, that you don’t even begin studying and already know that it is difficult and torturous! Now come on! That’s a teeny tiny bit unfair. Always remember to keep your eyes on the prize.
2.      Take a break: Sometimes we get so engrossed and obsessed with our failures that we forget that we might be a step away from the biggest breakthrough of our life! We failures come one after the other.. we might need to take a step back and think! What are we doing.. where are we going wrong? Trust me any situation can be improved we just need to realise our mistakes.. and divert and attention towards the solutions and not the problems and mistakes.
3.      Life is a Nintendo game after all: I am sure in this fast paced age of technology.. we have all been addicted to a one kind of video game or the other.. it might be on the play station or the Xbox or even our androids/ iphones. When you lose the game on a specific level.. we don’t disconnect or uninstall the game! Hell no! we try again, and fail again.. and strategize again.. we strategize better.. even in games, we learn to allocate resources and time more effectively.. and then we try again and succeed the level and then move on to the next one!
But before, we move from one level to the other.. the sense of accomplishment we have.. and the smile that comes on to our face is priceless self-motivation in disguise!
If we were to tackle every problem or situation in our life like a new level of super Mario, we would motivate ourselves to try new things.. make new mistakes.. perfect our strategies. Let the failure fuel you to success.
4.      Motivate someone else: this is my personal favourite! If you have ever tried this, you would know, getting someone out of their misery.. definitely helps them look at the brighter side but also helps you forget your problems and you might end up motivating yourself.. like they say.. you don’t realise you are drowning when you are trying to be someone’s anchor.. well I say.. you never know, you might end up swimming yourself ashore being someone else life jacket!! :P
5.      Find inspiration: it can be something you do or someone you believe in, just look for inspiration in situation. If you are ever travelling by the bus or the train.. and find yourself surrounded by strangers, try and find inspiration amongst them.. when you are playing with your pet dog.. try and pick up inspiration from them! Idolising someone is the easiest way to get inspiration.. it helps us know and understand that the goals are achievable and that they are human too and most of them would have had their share of struggles as well. It helps us build the thought if they can do it, I can do it! To reach where they are now, they too focused on the good, and constantly motivated themselves.
Some would find inspiration in the activities they do, like meditating.. or surrendering our thought process by indulging art. Whatever you do, wherever you are, you can always be inspired and motivated.
So, that’s it for this week’s post. I know its been long since a ConfusedGyani blogpost has been published.. my sincere apologies to my faithful readers.. and hope to continue genuinely now. Hope you all liked this weeks blog.. and would love hear any comments or suggestions from you all regarding this weeks blogpost and the ConfusedGyani’s Journey until now.

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