Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Psychology of Gossip

“Oh my god! Did you hear what she did?” “You missed all the drama in yesterday’s meeting!! You wont believe what happened!” The minute a woman hears this, her eyes would sparkle up.. as if a kid saw his favourite candy! A piece of information, which may or may not be true, but is surely irrelevant to her course of life.. and if she did not hear that information, it would not really have an effect on her life.. makes her so eager to catch up on the juicy gossip she missed!

Gossiping is a very bizarre phenomenon; you would not see that or expect that from any other living being, except a human! Does having the ability to gossip, make us superior or more evolved than our animal counterparts? Did not really think of it that way now, did you? But after doing some more research, I have found out that it is actually true.. Humans evolved because they had the ability to gossip!!! Well in ancient times, it wasn’t surrounded by the negative dogma that it has now, it was just considered as an act of passing on vital information needed in order to survive. It’s astounding, how act of gossiping has also evolved with us.

Other reasons, why we tend to indulge in this forbidden deed, is to connect to people!?!? Oh my god! I was definitely shocked to find this out.. but as it turns out, two people would connect more if they shared negative common grounds rather than positive! (Hint: So the next time, you feel out of place in a group of people, start backbiting about someone or something they dislike!) In spite of that, its necessary to remember, that it is only temporary! Any relation; whether it is with your friends, colleagues, relatives, partner or any other acquaintances will only remain temporary when built on negative foundations!

Some have the belief system that a tiny doze of gossip keeps you healthy it might help you relax. Also talking or hearing about other people’s experience help us stay on track and keep ourselves in check. But the main question is.. is it really that important?

When gossip turns from nonsense chitter chatter.. to planned and fantasized juicy stories about others, we know it has crossed the line! When people get addicted to gossip, you might see them at the extreme end creating irrational and absurd fiction! That’s when things get ugly, you lose out on relationships, people and opportunities.. and worst of all, you change your thinking and start to lose yourself in the process. But why would someone do that? Maybe because, it makes them feel better about their lives? Demeaning someone else to increase your self-confidence is a cheap way of doing it! That is not going to lead you anywhere.. and your confidence will become a parasite to belittling others!

My advise, for those who wish to take it, don’t get obsessed with gossip! It might have certain benefits.. but they aren’t worth at the expense of hurting somebody.
Off course, everyone does indulge in it.. even I do! However, it is necessary to understand the limit and avoid crossing it.

So.. that’s all for this week’s blog! I love to hear your views on this! What do you think about gossip? Do you agree with the benefits of gossip? Have I missed out on anything? Are there more? To what extent do you indulge in gossip? Any other comments or suggestions are also welcome.. :)


  1. very good article.....agreed its a bizzare phenomenon....negative energy even if kept to limitations, there are no benefits only loss of freindship.
    interesting blog keep writing.

  2. Nice blog....keep writing ... All d best for next blog...