Monday, 31 August 2015

5 Personalities we all have.

This is just something I have noticed in myself and other people.. and it is not a write up on split personality! Sorry to disappoint! However, I am pretty sure it is still going to be a good one!
Have you all observed how some people behave in a way in front of you and differently in front of others? We are usually quick to realize others doing that.. but we do it ourselves.. wondered how you act differently in front of your parents or teachers.. and completely different in front of your friends?

So, just for a little fun, I have compiled a list of 5 personalities we all have.. (P.S. I don’t mean to offend anyone; this is just light-hearted humor)

Number 1: Big ego.. Big talk.. - Now we all have ego, but it usually tends to show up completely unannounced when we face people we don’t like! These can be our classmates, colleagues, long lost relatives, who think no end of themselves! So what do we do? We bring out our egoistic self in front of them.. and completely disagree with whatever they say! If this person was to say, the earth is a sphere.. we will even go to the extent to say.. “NO! it’s flat !” Just because we cannot see eye to eye! Ridiculous isn’t it? 

Or the second thing our ego does is, push us above them! Show the world, how you are the kindest and sweetest person alive and they are not! Its difficult to accept, but we have all been there! That might even lead to backbiting and gossiping!

Number 2: Ass licking – This one usually shows up , when you have an assignment due you start praising your team members or teachers for  extra marks, or you want a promotion at work, you praise your boss, you want a favor from someone? Best and easiest way.. butter them up! In this situation, your new personality will agree with whatever they say, or ask you to do! You might even end up tolerating their nonsense! And the list of people who like to get their ass licked is endless! Basically everyone you know!

And don’t think , these people don’t realize your personality change.. Like I said earlier, it is easier for us to notice the change in the others. These people realize the change and use it for their advantage! They give you a bait, reel you in.. let you struggle a bit but in the end capture you to get their ass licked! The most extreme scenario for this personality is to getting under peer pressure and committing mistakes that may change you life forever.