Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Stop and hear the rain drops fall..

Many of us, are enjoying the pleasures of Monsoon and beautiful showers across the globe. But that got me thinking, are we really enjoying the moment? 
I was forced to think, when I missed my bus over the weekend and had to wait in the rain for over half hour for it. Now usually that is not a problem, since whenever we are asked to wait, we do so happily.. being engrossed in our gadgets. But this was not possible for me, as I didn’t want my phone to be soaking in water! 

Then I started worrying and hoping, that I would not spoil my shoes in the rain and muck!  The lady waiting next to me was worried about her hair being ruined by the wind and the rain. 

I am sure everyone does that, the minute it starts to rain, we run for shelter, so as to not spoil are clothes, shoes, hair or make up, or we have important documents to save, our books to save from leaking water and most important our heart and soul- OUR GADGETS!!!

But we were missing the entire purpose of the situation!!

Now let me take you back to your childhood, when we were kids, we used to wait for Monsoon! We used to eagerly wait to hear a low rumble of a distant thunder, to play in the rain, and to hopefully later see a beautiful rainbow or two! How can they do it? Be so casual about it? Not worry, about anything? Because they know how to live in the moment!

Do you remember, how much fun it was to play in the rain, splash water around and not worry about our “straightened hair” or “precious gadgets” or “expensive clothes”? Do you remember it? Feels like ages ago, right? Because it was.

Even if we are not stranded in the rain, and our in the comfort of our home, do we still enjoy the rain? Probably not, we would be preoccupied in our phones, updating the status! And we do get stuck in the rain, then the status would be something like that --> ”#Gotwetintherain #Spoiledmyhair #hatetherains #aaarrrghhh”

I mean come on!!! loosen up a bit, let go.. learn to enjoy the rain, it’s a beautiful time! Listen to the rain drops falling.. log off from your profile once a while and admire the ripples created in the water puddles. And maybe, if you are gutsy enough, close the umbrella, and enjoy the rain.. and perhaps dance a little too! The kids do it without trying! We forgot how to enjoy the little things in life! Maybe its time to learn to do that again!

We decide to spend thousands, to go on a holiday and enjoy the beauty of nature! But we miss out on it ever other day of the year! Don’t wait for a holiday, to enjoy.. you can do it every moment of every day! Whether it’s the rains, or the winter or even summer, enjoy it! Relish the raindrops, the early morning sunshine, and the gorgeous sunsets, admire the moon and try to count the stars! Learn to worry less and live in the moment! Begin now! Don’t wait to spend thousands. 

So that is it for this week's blog! Please comment below and let me know, how you'll liked it? and whether you'll do enjoy the rain? or which is your favorite season? Any comments or suggestions for my next blog post are welcome!

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  1. Nice blog.. Its fact that because of our daily busy schedule we r not able 2 njoy beauty of nature and if we r not really busy then this gadgets draw our attention to them. Childhood was best no tension. I use to play football in rain , hot tea hot pakodas the best food in rain.... Best days of my lyf..