Monday, 27 April 2015

What's your calling?

How do we define ourselves? By our career? Hobbies? Qualifications? The way we look? Dress? Talk? But arent these just external factors?

We are addressed with different identities.. But is it really us? We are, and always have been influenced by the people, circumstances and situations in our life! And we let it influence us in such a way that we begin to change ourselves, our behaviour and our path in life! And before we know it, we are not living the life we are intended for, but instead the living the life (LIE) which is expected from us. We behave, talk, act and even make important life decisions in a way that is expected from us, not the we want it!

When you live such a life, at some point you realize, this is not what you wanted.. but sometimes it gets too late! Don’t let that happen to you!

For example, someone, makes a career decision on the basis of what his friends are doing, or what his parents expect from him, is not going to fulfill the purpose of his life. Its jus going to lead to more unhappiness and frustrated life.  

Or being in a relationship that is not right for you, especially when you enter it for the reasons other than genuine love, is walking on a destinationless path.

We have to loose ourselves (get rid of the parts of you which are created by others!) in order to find ourselves again, to build our lives again without any restrictions and barriers! You have to find your true calling, your purpose on this planet! Your passion! Find your calling!

No one else but yourself can help you get out of this! If you are not happy about an aspect of your life, don’t blame, crib and sulk over it! Take charge and change your life the way you want! Because at the end.. there is no right and wrong.. its just what suits you best..

Gautum Buddha, was destined to be a king, he was living the royal life which was expected of him. But when it was necessary for him, to choose his life path, he kept others expectations, the circumstances aside and went after what he wanted, he decided to fulfill his purpose of life!

Now i don't intend for everyone to meditate and leave worldly pleasures, all of us have a different  purpose, a different destiny to fulfill. We are on a journey to loose ourselves, to find our true selves!

Please leave a comment below! And let me know whether you liked this week’s post! Please let me know, what other topics you’ll would like to hear on! And please share your experiences.. have you found yourself, your calling? Or still on this rollercoaster journey?  Any suggestions for the next post and comments are welcome!


  1. Very true ms gyani. Only a few of us really are fortunate enough to find our calling in life... We get so engrossed in our day to day activities that sometimes we even forget who we are and what is it that we truly want.
    And it takes a lot of courage to break away from the mould and look beyond . I for one am still searching for that elusive happiness within myself.

  2. Still struggling to find myself and still on this rollercoaster anticipation to find the purpose of my journey on this planet.