Sunday, 22 March 2015


We all have those people, who cant live without investigating about our life! These are the people who will always keep a tab on you and what you do.  They will always be there! When you have bagged an accomplishment, they’ll say “Oh! That’s no big deal! Anyone could do that” and when you don’t, they will definitely be there to bury your nose in the ground! With things like “I Knew it, he/she is good for nothing!”

Now lets take a minute to think rationally, why would they do that?!?!  What do they get out of it!?!? Trust me there is no logic! The primary reason to do that is because they don’t love their own life! Or they life is so pathetic that instead of improving that, they find it better (actually easier) to criticize you and your way of life!  Their own life is buried six feet under, and they cant bare to see anyone else prosper! Such people are negative at they core!

Its very tricky, to recognise these people. Because like generally negative people they don’t display the common symptoms of negativity! On the face of it, these people would generally seem nice and genuine, eager to know about your life and its progress. But little to your knowledge they are so vindictive that they are always conspiring against you, and bad mouthing behind your back! But don’t worry; one day things will reach your ears, one way or another!

And when they do, their negativity starts to mix in your life! Then you begin to doubt yourself and loose self-confidence! You wonder why these people are after your life! Before you realize it, you have already spent your precious time over these negative losers, rather than focusing on your self!

Now, you can’t change these people and you shouldn’t even waste your time over it! And at times, even ignorance doesn’t work. But what you can do is change your thinking! And this is something I realized from celebrities!! Paparazzi and journalists are always scrutinizing their lives! To look for faults, to create more drama! But that didn’t stop the celebrities from living their lives to the maximum! We have fine tune our thinking to theirs! And realize that my accomplishments, my failures and my opinions are JUST MINE! No one else’s!

These negative losers are always going to hover around you! And even more when you achieve something! But we should think of them as our fans! Who have a love-hate relationship with us! They are like are personal moon! They keep revolving around us! JUST IMAGINE, we are sooo important to them and they cant live without us! Don’t let them bring you down, instead people are interested in your life, that means your life is interesting!!!! That should boost your confidence! So smile and pose in style for your beloved paparazzi!!

I want to know, how many of you’ll agree with me? I’m sure everyone at least has one moon revolving around them! Lol! I also want to know, how do you’ll tackle with this? Do you’ll use any crazy ideas? As far I am concerned I am Pluto! With at least 5 moons and still counting more..  how many do you’ll have? Also, do let me know, whether you like my blog and this weeks topic? and what would you'll like me to write on for the next week! Any and all suggestions are welcome! Even the moons revolving around me can leave a comment if they like! :D

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  1. Have u been practicing this or atleast started it??? Coz u r d 1 whu gets troubled by dese moons a lot....!!!
    Its a nice blog, many of us or I shud say all of us r stressed with these PERSONAL MOONS!!!