Sunday, 15 March 2015

Help comes in unexpected ways..

Help! I am drowning.. Help!

I am sure all of us have head this story at one point or the other.

A man is downing.. and he prays to god to help him.. to save him.. god sends three ships one by one.. but he refuses to take help from any of these three.. as he is waiting for god to help him!! well the moral: god had sent help in disguise of the ships, but the man refuses to recognize that!! Same old.. same old! we have heard this story probably a hundred times.. but have you'll ever given it a thought? That god might actually be helping you in a way you don't realise. Most of the times its quite evident, so then why do we close our eyes to it?

In the modern day, we pray to god, to help us from drowning in our problems, difficult situations, when we reach to a point where we don't understand what the next step should be?!?! And when help is offered to us in unconventional form or the source of help is not the expected one.. what do we do? Refuse it.. yup! believe it or not.. we do that more often than we should!

Then the next step is to complain, that god didn't answer your prayers.. and drown further into problems. Soon after that, we manage to cope with the situation, but then again there is a new problem awaiting us!

Now my motive to write his blog is to convey the message that.. please open your eyes! and see the opportunities lying in front of you, identity the help being offered.. whether its in conventional or unconventional form!

For example, if you need advice, you would look up to your parents or older siblings, But what about the younger ones, even they might be able to help you out! Now, we don't expect our younger siblings to advice us.. and when they do.. we just ignore it by saying.. "what would you know!" We unintentionally close so many doors because we refuse to see them, or thats not the place we were expecting help from!

So please learn to accept the help! Ego or attitude.. that you will be fine without someones help is not gonna get you anywhere! Instead you will find yourself stuck in the situation! We are all humans.. we all make mistakes.. no one is perfect and we do need help, guidance and support.. so when someone does offer help genuinely, recognise it...don't wait for a miracle to happen! After all, god resides in everyone! The fact that someone is ready to help you even though everyone has a busy life.. is miracle enough! TRUST ME!

So help others, when you can.. and keep your sky rocket ego in your pocket when someone offers a helping hand and appreciate it!

Please leave a comment below.. whether you liked this weeks blog post. Please let us know, if you have experienced this, a helping hand from an unpredictable source? and whether you accepted with a smile or shunned it away? Also leave some suggestions for the next blog post!

- Confused Gyani


  1. Yea true!!! Bt respect it however it comes!!! Dats more important!!!!

    1. yes.. though thats the next step.. first we need to recognise and acknowledge it..

    2. N yes, never forget whenever you get a chance, be the HELP!!!

  2. Need to learn how 2 identity genuine help. U can not trust on everyone u meet. Nic blog.. every time i read your blog i learn something new... Thank you