Sunday, 8 March 2015

5 things to learn before 25!

We humans definitely win the title for the weirdest species on earth! Generally animals or other living entities have only one goal, which is to survive! But we humans are special, though even we started out with the goal of survival, over the span of millions of years our priorities have not only advanced but also changed!

If one looks around them today, they will find everyone in life has a different goal and they are struggling to achieve it, especially us the young generation! We have the biggest of dreams, and we get into the rat race to achieve it! It’s quite common to have a personal list of things, one wants to achieve before a certain age. Lets say, before you turn 25 you expect to have a stable job, learn a new language, travel to a far away land, probably own a house, do something adventurous like scuba diving or bungee jumping, you want to find your true love by that time!!! Ooooffff!!! The pressure on turning 25 is a lot!

We expect to upgrade everything in our life! But what we forget is that we just end up concentrating on materialistic things. In this entire process we forget to upgrade ourselves as human beings. So that gave me thought to prepare this list! 5 things that we can and probably we should learn before turning 25.

1.Patience: one thing I have realised is that you cannot take on any journey without patience. But do we really understand the meaning of patience.

This is the true meaning of patience. To keep your efforts sky high even though it reaps no efforts, because one day it will. Patience is to have faith in yourself, when no one else will!

2. Procrastination: this is something we humans are very well aware of. We don’t need to learn this but we need to UNLEARN it. Procrastination in today’s world is a combination of fear and insecurity along with wasting time. We are most of the times scared of taking the next step; scared of the new doors it will open. Sounds weird right?!? But it’s true! No matter how cheezy the line “Darr ke aage hi jeet hai” is, its true! So get off your ass! The world is your oyster! Learn to make the most of it!

3.Persistance: now many a times, when things don’t go our way. We tend to loose hope and give up on it completely. But we have to keep reminding ourselves of the reason why we started in the first place. Agreed! It’s extremely difficult to stay on the top of your game all the time. But its even more difficult to give up and think “what if I would have given it one more try?!?”  Don’t let yourself reach that position. Be persistent! Or at least try to..

4. Jealousy: OK! This is another one, which we need to UNLEARN. And lets be honest we all have been jealous of someone or even something at a point in our life. And it’s only natural. Few take it in the positive sense and fuel their desire to achieve. But most of us get stuck in rut to make the other person feel inferior! Trust me, we don’t need to waste our time on futile jealousy and realise that this just takes our focus off the main goal! Now we wouldn’t want that.. would we..?

5. Confidence: Finally, we need to have confidence. Don’t wait for any to validate you, your personality, your achievements or your life! It’s NOT theirs! It’s yours! The only validation you should seek is from yourself! Pretty awesome, if we could actually do that right? But guess what? You can! You just need to be confident and have some faith in yourself! Im sure that’s not very difficult.. right?

OK.. So there is my list of 5 things to learn before 25! But I’m sure those who are older could also learn these! Please let me know how you liked my list. And whether you would make a different one and what would you include? Any ideas are welcome. We can always grow the list. J Any suggestions for my next post are also welcome! 



  1. Kya baat! kya baat! kya baat!

  2. Kya baat! kya baat! kya baat!

  3. Awsm list... Everyone should learn this. No matter how old he or she is. This are basic rules to live life. I will definitely learn this 5 things. Superrrr like 2 this blog...

  4. Well what can I say....amazing...but now I'm already 23 years late.
    But LIFE itself has no meaning, it's an opportunity to create a meaning.
    So better late than never. Keep it up and looking forward for your next blog.