Wednesday, 18 February 2015

My First Post! The Confused Gyani

Okay.. So my first post.. Like my name suggests, The Confusedgyani.. ofcourse I have to be confused regarding what my first blog has to be about. I had shortlisted a few options but then I decided, my first blog should be about my journey and me until now. 
So, to introduce myself.. I am not so average Indian girl from the heart of the country Maharashtra but I cant speak Marathi except a few phrases and atta majhi satakli!(obvious!) I completed my graduation in the healthcare industry, but I work as an administrator. I am a professional bharatnatyam dancer but love dancing to Bollywood and hip-hop tunes.  I have lived a major chunk of my life in India, currently in Australia (Perth) but my favorite city was and will always remain Hong Kong.
I’m sure, you get the idea why I decided to go with the blogging name of Confusedgyani, ok ok I get it.. the confused is justified, but why gyani. Gyani is actually a Sanskrit word (for those of who didn’t know) wich means an intellectual person. Now according to me, I am an intellectual person (Not just according to me..!! My degree says and excellent marks say it all).
All my life I have lived by the book, abiding to all the rules and regulations, under the impression that if you work hard and give your 100% to something nothing is impossible (Which is a lie BTW!!!) and that if you are a nice person and do good Karma, that good will multiply 10 folds and return to you (Again a lie). But does that mean I turned into a lazy bum who decided not to work because my 100% fetched only 80% results, who decided to go ahead and give a tight slap to those nasty people who I have to bear everyday. NO!!! Because I am more mature than that! But its difficult to realize and accept that the amazing foolproof plans you based your life on can disappear within seconds. That you reach a crossroad in life where you are puzzled as to what should be the next step? And since your previous plans didn’t work out you start to question everything. If you have decided on one path, will it take you a step closer to your goal or will it take you 10 steps back? That is currently my situation. Hence the Confusedgyani!

I want to know is it only me? Who is so confused at all possible times! I mean there are times, when I can decide which soft drink to ask for with my meal order. So, please let me know whether you are as confused as me or less or EVEN MORE!! Also, if you have any advice or tips to clear my confusion, please be my guest.  Please also leave comments about my first blog, whether you liked it or no? and any suggestions for my next post are welcome. J

- Confused Gyani.


  1. Miss ConfusedGyani... This is a great start...
    Since you are confused means you have options(be positive of it) there are many who don't have any... So be grateful to your confusions­čśÄ
    Tell us soon wad u writing next...

    1. Thanks Dhaval, it is because i have friends like you.. that i have positivity in my life! and i am very grateful of my confusions!

  2. Dear confusedgyani, There are lots of confused people in this world. The simple way 2 overcome our confusion is 2 listen our heart. Do things that makes u happy. Because the ultimate success is being happy not money. "DO WHAT U LOVE AND LOVE WHAT U DO."

    1. Thanks Mitesh, now you sound more gyani than me!! (LOL :D)
      Jokes aside, i will definitely keep that in mind.. ultimate success is being happy.. SO TRUE!

    2. Dear Confusedgyani...welcome to the actual(real) world. Well life does not always go by the book of rules since these books are also written by humans who are also more confused in this world.
      We as humans are always impatient, like you mention hardwork and karma are lies...well i have a different view, nature has its own ways of rewarding us... and at the appropriate time.
      Rest assured the payback does come in 10 folds.
      As Dhawal also mentions confusion gives us more options so lets make the best of the opportunites available...what say?
      BTW I'm myself still confused lol......