Thursday, 26 February 2015

Dance! Art! Passion!

Dance.. My Passion!!

For those who did not read my previous post, I am a professional bharatnatyam dancer. While training one is under the impression that completing their arangetram (in other words graduation in dance) is the most difficult phase. Instead after a few years of completing your Arangetram is that you realize that was the easy part. That was the part that was completely in your hands!

The steps to achieve that is very simple:
1.     Listen to every piece of advice and every tiny bit of correction from your Guru (Dance teacher)
2.     Practice like your life depends on it. As if you are drowning in bad dance moves.. and practice is the only way you can save yourself!
3.     Then.. Practice some more.
4.     And there you have it! All movements on taal with correct timing, perfect expressions,  A Spectacular show! You finally achieve the goal, to see pride in your guru and parents eyes. To realize you are a tiny source of inspiration for your colleagues and juniors. That’s the dream!

But.. Once you have achieved that.. What after that?? Does the journey of a dancer end there?  No, that was just a milestone. For a dancer, her journey never ends..

So, the next step, which we never anticipated is the struggle to keep our art alive, to perform with all our heart and soul, to take it to the next level. Moving to Perth, I realised to perform you don’t need talent but you need a BARBIE DOLL FIGURE AND A PLASTIC SMILING FACE!!! Even if someone is a horrible dancer but has “the looks” gets the opportunity?!?! Isn’t that ironical? A dancer, a performer being judged by their external physical beauty and not by their talent!

Offcourse, you aren’t judged by that criteria all the time, but I guess it is that most of the times! And I’m sure; everyone has faced that some time or the other in their life, where they aren’t scrutinized on their talent or merit but on some aspect that is completely baseless. Which honestly makes no sense, according to me!

Nevertheless, any performer puts their soul in their art along with years and years of hard work and dedication. So, is it worth, giving up your passion because some jerks don’t appreciate you and your art? Not at all!! Instead that should be taken up as a challenge! To prove a point to the “jerks”! and even more than the "jerks" is to prove it to yourself!

Today, I take this platform, to make a promise to myself that i wont let my art die, that I wont let the dancer in me die. I wont let anyone get me down, because I know my worth and standing as a dancer! and I wont let anyone else change my perspective!

Now its your turn, are you an artist, sportsperson, poet or any other talented individual? is your talent dying? who is to blame.. just us! I encourage all of you'll too, to make a pledge to yourself, don't let your talent die! Be the person you envisioned yourself to be! 
Please feel free to post comments and share your story and struggle to keep your art alive, Im sure it will be an inspiration to all of us! Also leave comments about my blog, whether you liked it or not? and any suggestions for my next post are welcome. 

- Confused Gyani.


  1. Bravo...
    Appretiate your positive attitude towards your passion!
    Would like to say...To shine like the sun you need to burn like one...
    And always remember The furnace is there not to burn you but to transform you to glittering gold!
    Give your best forget the rest!

    1. Thanks for the motivational words Vikas. Much appreciated.

  2. SUPERB Jenny! ...Very Motivating...Sure to touch many hearts and encourage many more people to pledge to keep their uniqueness and talents alive...Persistence can change failures into extraordinary achievements!

  3. Jenny very inspiring lines.. Reading this post is surely going to inspire many more people to work towards their passion.. Appreciate your efforts..!

  4. Thats the Spirit....Always be positive.
    Your blog has motivated me as well to move ahead n try to achieve my goals in life.Thanks.

  5. I'm glad to have finally read your blog. This one personally got me thinking about the passions that I quit after having started working and ways to keep them alive. If one is organised and motivated enough, there should be no excuse to let go of what one loves. Great going!!