Thursday, 17 March 2016

Gyan of the Day 17.03.2016

So many of us complain and crib about our lives being miserable.. work being exhausting.. lack of time.. poor health.. and many other things!

But we don't realise.. tackling so many problems with a bad attitude would take up the same energy as it would take to be patient, strong and determined.

This inlines with Chi.. and all is energy.. same amount can be converted to make yourself feel miserable or strong. The choice is yours.

More on Chi here.

Do let me know.. what is your take on this! whether you agree or not..
How do you like this new feature of Gyan of the Day (Renewed.)?
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Monday, 14 March 2016

Gyan of the Day

Now this happens a lot with all of us! When we try to clear out misunderstandings, we realise that we didn't quite understand the situation, or we didn't understand the intentions of the other person when they said something particular.. or maybe we should have thought about this from their perspective before jumping to conclusions.. or assuming the worst of the situation.

Uff! Can you imagine.. all the drama we wouldn't have to go through.. if we asked questions instead of assuming and blaming others.. (Sometimes for things they didn't do!) How cool would that be? How peaceful our lives would be?

What do you'll think about this? has it ever happened with you.. that you jumped to conclusions without understanding the other person's point of view? How did you tackle the situation? It always helps to share the gyan! Lets have a nice discussion below in the comments section! Can't wait to hear from you! All comments and suggestions are welcome! :)


Friday, 11 March 2016

5 Traits from Animals, We should follow!

The mother earth, is filled with animals.. all sorts of them! Some we find cute.. some majestic.. the king of the jungle.. and some creep us out! Although everyone's main agenda is survival.. they do it in their own style!

We may forget.. but even we are animals.. social animals.. the most advanced kind! and some may even say.. the stupid kind.We don't usually realize.. but there are so  many life lessons that can be adapted from animals.. Inculcating these traits.. would definitely make our chances of survival better.

Here is a tiny list of traits.. I believe can help us!

1. Be Hardworking and Persistent as Ants

If you have ever closely looked at a trail of ants and observed them.. you would realize, how hardworking, determined and persistent they are in achieving their goal.. which in most cases is getting food.. or not dying (LOL) Nonetheless.. they teach us, that if their is an obstacle in front of you.. don't just give up.. but go over the obstacle.. or around it.. but reach your destination!

Now.. we humans do utilize this as well.. but only for menial things.. lets say.. you are driving.. and later come to know that the route you decided to take.. has a major road blocked.. you don't cry over it and go home! and forget about going out ever again! (Thats just stupid!) We quickly get our navigation system on.. and look for an alternate route!

So why cant we do that our bigger dreams.. which are slightly more difficult to achieve? Why do you give up? Shouldn't we navigate for an alternative route? Something to think about!

2. Elephants keep their families first.

Many of us, in the race of life.. and the daily nonsense.. actually forget to spend quality time with our family. Some of us stay with them.. and some don't.. We may see them everyday..  talk to them everyday.. but may not value our time and experiences with them!

Well this is one thing we can surely learn from Elephants.. who travel in herds, and are always together.. they even look and gather for food together..

Even though we are extremely busy.. that we may not get time for many important things, we should at least try to be together with our family for one meal.. sit and enjoy the company of our parents, siblings and other elephants in our herd!

3. The Lion does not lose sleep over a Sheep's opinion!

Lions.. are often known to kill sheep.. not be affected by their opinions! Now I don't encourage you to kill anyone! but at least don't allow the Sheep's opinion about you bother your mind! Please do not confuse Sheep with someone who is actually giving you positive criticism for improvement!

Flock of sheep, are those who don't have a mind of their own and are trying to fit you into a dogmatic mould of something the society expects out of you! Don't allow them to mold you in to something your not.. cause if you do that.. you would usually end up letting go of your extraordinary powers! And you are the best version of yourself.. when you allow your uniqueness to shine through!  

4. Prepare for Hibernation!

Many animals living in harsh cold conditions.. save up food for hibernation because they are smart and can foresee into the future to actually save up for their bad days! If you look at this situation, from colored glasses.. our condition is not that different.. we may not live in snow.. but we do live in the Concrete Jungle! We also need to save up for our own hibernation.. sometimes it may give us enough pre-indication (retirement); sometimes it comes unannounced..

The only way to overcome the bad weather is to prepare for it well in advance.. It might not be a top priority.. but it is important to look into our finances and other assets and be ready for winter! Time to be smart like the Polar Bear!

5. Relax.. and be lazy (Once in a while) like the Koala  

Its quite important and essential to do things that are necessary.. you need a job.. source of income.. some amount of education.. and many other important things.. but you also need to give yourself some time and opportunity to relax.. unwind.. and calm those wild anxious thoughts..

Adapt this trait from the Koala.. its important to have a good night sleep (at least 6 - 8 hours! Koala's sleep for more than 15 hours!).. not just for our body and health.. but it also always enough distance from work for you to be refreshed.. so that you can tackle all of life's challenges with a smile!

It may pay off to be lazy like the Koala on certain days!

So that's all for this week's post.. do let me know.. how you'll liked it.. Do you have a favorite animal trait? and if there are any traits that i missed out.. its always a good thing to share your gyan! Any comments, suggestions or opinions are welcome! Suggestions for my next post are super welcome! what would you like to hear about? Leave your comments in the section below.. and do not forget to share this post with your friends, family and just about everyone else! :) 

Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Resolutions – is it too late?

What does Resolution mean?

Resolution basically means to make a firm decision to do something whole-heartedly. A new years resolution dates back to 4000 years ago tradition, not necessarily being implied on 1st January! Many cultures celebrated new year on different basis. Like the Chinese new year is a few days away, celebrated in February.. and Indians celebrated Diwali in October-November usually. So it does not have to really be on 1st of January, it could be today 24th of February!

Even if its not start of the month, it could be a beautiful day to change your life, wipe the dust of the resolutions and act on it! Is there something you have always wanted to do? Learn an art, a new language? Maybe do something adventurous and overcome our fears.. like bungee jumping or sky diving? Maybe it isn’t anything big.. maybe there are a bunch of tiny changes to make your life better!! Like do want to give up any bad habits! (that's definitely on my list.. I am guilty of biting nails :( )

Everyday is a new year!

But lets face it, not many of us can keep up to the resolutions.. and most of the people who would have made new year resolutions in January, would have give up by now.. So maybe this blogpost today.. comes as a gentle reminder.. that it can still be done! Don’t loose your focus! Every day is the start of a new year technically, as it start of a new 365 day period! So everyday is a new opportunity to do something new, to let go of negativity and let go of things that hold you behind in life.. Everyday is a new chance to adopt new healthy habits, for a better lifestyle, to have your mind and heart at peace.

Its easy to get diverted, loose focus and become part of the monotonous rut.. but we need to remind ourselves of the reason why we took the resolution and focus on the outcome.. that healthy body, the new mindset which is void of fear or monotony.

Here are a few methods, that have helped me keep focus and I am sure would help you as well. 

1. Make a poster! - Calling all the art geeks! Create an image than inspires you to get out of the bed, and take necessary action. It could be motivational words.. or the end result of your diet! Visualizing our goal.. helps us achieve it!  

Not an art person? that's okay.. the internet has massive resources of pictures, save a few of them.. and make them into a slideshow.. let it play as your screensaver.. you can even create a video.. and watch it every time.. you need inspiration!

2.  Keep track - Maintain record of your progress! This is a really cool way of checking out how well you have done! They say, it requires 21 days to form a healthy new habit! You can use this printable chart.. to count the days and keep yourself going! There are so many printables available online, but I genuinely liked this one!

(Please note: the printable is not my work, and I do not take any credit for this!)

3. Join a group! - Find people who share a common goal with you! It is always better and easier to work in a team, than by yourself! You may get motivation from them.. tips and tricks of the trade needed to keep you going.. and nudging you in the write direction!

4. Reward yourself - you need to let yourself know, that you are doing a good job! Reward yourself after accomplishments! If your goal is big.. break it down into parts.. and treat yourself to something nice.. when you reach a milestone!

Don't believe in resolutions?

And if you are few of those, who don’t believe in the concept of resolution at all.. and think that maybe it is hocus pocus.. its alright! You may not call a resolution but you can still take steps.. whether they are major ones or tiny baby steps towards something better in your personal or professional life, because there is always room for improvement! The most important thing is to be focused! And keep going.. the road may be rocky and the progress may not be steady.. but atleast there is some progress.. so don’t give up! You are at a 100% chance of success as compared to those who don’t take any step!

Its never too late!

So its never too late to make a resolution.. Set your mind on how you want your life to be, take a deep breath and make the resolution necessary! May your new year (24th February) begin with a new attitude and a strong mindset to achieve all your goals! 

So that's it, for this weeks post! Hope you all liked it! and hopefully it motivates someone to get back and complete their resolutions! Let me hear your thoughts on this! what do you think? are resolutions not worth our time at all? or can they lead to bigger changes and improvement in our life?
Any suggestions or comments are always welcome!

Monday, 8 February 2016

It's all about the Chi!

Kung Hei Fat Choi to everyone! It’s the year of the Monkey! And it’s the time to celebrate the Chinese New Year! I have been celebrating a lot (and took a break from blogging).. and I have returned after a really long break/ vacation/ time off! But I am happy to be back, with a new blog! While on my vacation, I saw a totally amazing movie, Kung Fu Panda 3! And that has inspired today’s blog post!

Its all about the Chi! Now for those, who don’t know what Chi is.. it a Chinese word which basically means energy or life force. It could be any form or type of energy.. either physical, emotional or spiritual! And the most important thing for us human beings, in todays day to day rigmarole is to maintain balance! Which actually means maintaining balance in different forms of energy!

Now, I am pretty sure.. everyone knows what I am about say next! We all studied this in some aspect or the other during our school days! Energy can neither be created nor destroyed. It can transform from one form to another. It’s the Law of Conservation of Energy! It’s a Law! Not a theory.. not a supposition! So there are no ifs and buts for this one! There is no way around it! It is, what it is!

We may not realize it, but this conversion of energy from one form to another, can either make us or break us! Now lets imagine.. you go to work today.. and  your boss promotes you.. or gives you a raise in salary. You would expect your selves to be motivated and work even harder with enthusiasm. That is nothing but conversion of energy from one form to another! Conversion of you feeling happy (positive energy) to be more motivated (positive energy). This positive feeling is portrayed in our emotions as well as physically in out body language!  

This also works the other way around! When you hear someone bitching about you, or putting you down with their nasty comments (negative energy) we convert it into another form – lets say depression, or sadness.. again this can be seen emotionally and physically! It is always about the conversion of energy!

Since it is all energy just changing its form! Its all Chi! Why cant we look at this from a different perspective and change negativity thrown at us, into something constructive! We can definitely use it to fuel our ambitious fire in us to do something creative, to achieve whatever we want! Allow the conversion of energy act as an advantage for you. Allow it to help you build positivity not just for yourself, but also for others! Of course it is not an easy process.. and requires intense training of the mind to allow the conversion of destructive chi into a beautiful, positive feeling filled with hope! But neither is it impossible! The ones who can do that, open up doors which they always considered to be closed for them! Its all about the chi!

I believe that this blogpost is my tiny attempt to put out positive energy.. Positive Chi into the world. And hopefully after reading this.. some amount of the negativity in you transforms itself! So that’s all for this week blog! Let me know, what you think about? What are your views on this? Can chi be converted? Have you done it? Share your experience with the ConfusedGyani.. and spread hope amongst others who are still trying. Any comments of suggestions are welcome! J

Friday, 11 December 2015

Be Grateful for the Confusion!

We humans, get up in confusion live our entire day in dilemma and go to bed with so many unsolved questions of life, just to get up to another bright sunny day with a new set of confusions.

We are generally in thoughts about, what should I wear today to work, is this formal enough? We quickly scan our options in mind, and then make a decision. If you are a female, you have an extra set of crucial judgements as such the lipstick colour, and the fact that it must match with some part of your outfit, and that it can be the same shade you put on yesterday!  On a serious note, no one really cares! But we as individuals do, we care about the tiniest of our decisions! As we conquer one quest of choices, we are faced with another. What to eat for breakfast? What should you cook? Now this plays out the entire day for the rest of your life! And if you are a tiny bit more health conscious, this isn’t an easy choice to make a run for fastfood or take away. Which makes it more difficult!

From the easy minute decisions, to the big ones.. as is your partner “the one” for you? When is the right time to tie the knot! What to do with your life? What should be your career path? These are the difficult choices of life.. and most of the times, we are so afraid of the unknown, we are afraid of what would happen next, that we either get eaten up by our fears or we let the opportunity slip out of our hands.. we don’t do anything! We procrastinate and wonder of all the possibilities.. the good, bad and ugly ones. We end up in such a place where we don’t want to take responsibility of our life! Because its just too many decisions and too many choices!! And the worst of all, the immense pressure to make the correct choice always!

To deal with this immense pressure, we sought out to relax and calm our mind.. But how are you going to do that? Which method are you going to select? Is a choice again!!! Whether you want to let your hair down and party or want to curl up in a blanket and watch a movie.. it’s a choice and a preference! And at times, when you have to make soo many selections.. and make them at every point and numerous times a day it is exhausting!!!

But we forget the most important part of this process it is the liberty to make these choices! Some people don’t have a choice to decide what to eat, what to wear.. because they have nothing to eat! They have only one pair of raggedy clothes, and though they wish they had choices, they don’t! So many people from the young generation are confused with what to so with their lives, but such a decision was not available for us to make a few generations ago! If you were expected to be part of a profession, you must be.. no questions asked! Some live with that norm today as well! Some don’t decide who their life partner is going to be, they just follow decisions made on their behalf! We all know someone who is or was part of such a situation, and we sympathise with them. However we don’t stop cribbing about our life and the choices we have to make!

We need to learn to give it a break! We need to be grateful that we have choices in your life and that we have the freedom to make them. Don’t crib over the fact that you pick from two average looking outfits to wear, be happy that you at the very least have them! In dilemma whether to walk to the supermarket or drive down there? Be happy that you have all your limbs in tact to have a choice to walk and are privileged enough to have a car (no matter how old) to drive down if you wish to! Confused, whether you should eat a burger or a sandwich.. be appreciative that you have money in your pocket to decide. When you get to make a choice about what you want to do in life and also have your friends and family supporting you and still cant make up your mind because there are just too many options (life can be cruel at times), be thankful cause you might be one of the few lucky ones.. and you can choose anything you want to do.. or anyone you want to be! We only have to remember to be grateful for our choices and the confusion it brings along!

That’s it, for this week’s post.. Have your say at the confusions of life.. and what has been the most difficult decision in your life? Let me know what are some of the daily decisions that exhaust you? and what are the situations, where you feel grateful that you have freedom to choose! Leave them down in the comments section below! Any comments or suggestions about this blog post are welcome! 

Monday, 23 November 2015

Life Hack – To keep Negativity at Bay!

How many of us, feel negativity in various types of emotions in our daily grind, stuck in traffic you might feel irritated, disappointed with poor results of hardwork which will definitely lead to frustration. Being surrounded by negative people and their cribbing and cringing at everything they do, just brings you down as well. What we need to realize is that negativity is a two way street, and only when we respond to it, it enters our mind.
Negativity, is the modern day ghost! I remember when I was child I was told of this story, a man walking in an empty street after dark, a night darker than a no moon. The man hears a soft voice calling out his name, but he knows there is no one behind him. He knows he is the only one walking on street but then who is calling out to him? Could be a ghost? He hears his name again, and can feel the entity creep closer and closer to him.. He knows he is in trouble, he starts walking faster and faster with fear.. but he knows not to turn around and acknowledge the voice, because once you do that.. You will be damned forever! The same applies to negativity.. it is the modern day ghost.. it calls out to us in different ways. To be safe, we need to make sure we don’t respond to it. If we respond and acknowledge, it makes way in to our minds and soul! It distracts from our path to our true goal of happiness!
 Free yourself from all the negativity that’s drowning you. Source:
Here are a few things I do, to keep negativity at bay!
1. We are gifted with two ears- please use them!
 We hear so many negative comments in our daily life, some our projected towards us, some we come across with others cribbing about their life! I am sure we are all familiar with these “Oh! I’m too fat! Look, she is prettier than you! I am not smart enough! No one likes me! I will never accomplish anything! I hate my situation!” It is inevitable to avoid hearing them.. but we can hear from one ear and discard using the second! Don’t allow it to stay rent free in our mind!
2. Don’t over complicate life more than it needs to be
We human were not built this way, but we have fine tuned ourselves to always think the worst, or overcomplicate the matter more than it is! We end up thinking, why did he/she say that.. what did they mean? What if, what I am hoping for does not happen? We need to quit overthinking and over complicating life, more than it already is!
3.Treasure hunt for positivity in negative comments
Our main goal of survival on this earth is to be happy, and live everyday of our life with happiness within and around us! Even if negativity is trying to get into our life, we should go on a treasure hunt for happiness.. its present around us, we just need to locate it and focus on positivity and happiness. When we decide to let go of the demeaning comments from someone and don’t let it affect us, it is like solving a puzzle, obtaining a clue.. getting closer to the treasure of eternal happiness.

4. Do something you love
Bring more positivity in to your life. Whether its is music, any kind of sport, meditation, art or even watching funny movies or videos online.. find your escape from reality. It helps remove the negativity from our souls, replenishes the energy and allows us to gain a different perspective to life and our situation. It will help us in reaching one step closer to our treasure!
5. Don’t start negativity
Whether it is about yourself or about others.. try not to indulge in the guilty pleasure of gossip (More on the Psychology of gossip - ) Remember it is a two way street. Never say anything to yourself or to others that you would not say to a discouraged younger sibling or your best friend! Always help others find positivity in their life.. and it will show up on your door too!
So this is my teeny tiny list of things I do to keep negativity at bay. What are some of the tactics that you use? And what are your views regarding these. Give it a go in the comments section below! Have your say at it! And also if you any comments or suggestions for a new blogpost, please leave them in the comments section below. J 

Tuesday, 27 October 2015

5 ways to motivate yourself

In this competitive world, we lack motivation more than anything else! Motivation to even take the first step to begin a new journey. Or motivation to pick up all the pieces and begin again or try again.
It gets even worse when we look for motivation from the outside.. surely that can help sometimes when we have friends, colleagues  or family supporting us through a trying time. But such help might not be available at all times! This is when we fall apart or we can look for motivation within our self!
To help those, who want to motivate themselves, I have prepared a short list of methods that I am sure will help!
1.      Focus on the POSITIVE: many a times, we lose sight of the goal, and our vision becomes blurry because we tend to focus on the efforts that may be required, the things we might need to sacrifice to achieve the goal! Let’s imagine, you are studying for exams, but don’t want to give up going out or are too scared of the subject, that you don’t even begin studying and already know that it is difficult and torturous! Now come on! That’s a teeny tiny bit unfair. Always remember to keep your eyes on the prize.
2.      Take a break: Sometimes we get so engrossed and obsessed with our failures that we forget that we might be a step away from the biggest breakthrough of our life! We failures come one after the other.. we might need to take a step back and think! What are we doing.. where are we going wrong? Trust me any situation can be improved we just need to realise our mistakes.. and divert and attention towards the solutions and not the problems and mistakes.
3.      Life is a Nintendo game after all: I am sure in this fast paced age of technology.. we have all been addicted to a one kind of video game or the other.. it might be on the play station or the Xbox or even our androids/ iphones. When you lose the game on a specific level.. we don’t disconnect or uninstall the game! Hell no! we try again, and fail again.. and strategize again.. we strategize better.. even in games, we learn to allocate resources and time more effectively.. and then we try again and succeed the level and then move on to the next one!
But before, we move from one level to the other.. the sense of accomplishment we have.. and the smile that comes on to our face is priceless self-motivation in disguise!
If we were to tackle every problem or situation in our life like a new level of super Mario, we would motivate ourselves to try new things.. make new mistakes.. perfect our strategies. Let the failure fuel you to success.
4.      Motivate someone else: this is my personal favourite! If you have ever tried this, you would know, getting someone out of their misery.. definitely helps them look at the brighter side but also helps you forget your problems and you might end up motivating yourself.. like they say.. you don’t realise you are drowning when you are trying to be someone’s anchor.. well I say.. you never know, you might end up swimming yourself ashore being someone else life jacket!! :P
5.      Find inspiration: it can be something you do or someone you believe in, just look for inspiration in situation. If you are ever travelling by the bus or the train.. and find yourself surrounded by strangers, try and find inspiration amongst them.. when you are playing with your pet dog.. try and pick up inspiration from them! Idolising someone is the easiest way to get inspiration.. it helps us know and understand that the goals are achievable and that they are human too and most of them would have had their share of struggles as well. It helps us build the thought if they can do it, I can do it! To reach where they are now, they too focused on the good, and constantly motivated themselves.
Some would find inspiration in the activities they do, like meditating.. or surrendering our thought process by indulging art. Whatever you do, wherever you are, you can always be inspired and motivated.
So, that’s it for this week’s post. I know its been long since a ConfusedGyani blogpost has been published.. my sincere apologies to my faithful readers.. and hope to continue genuinely now. Hope you all liked this weeks blog.. and would love hear any comments or suggestions from you all regarding this weeks blogpost and the ConfusedGyani’s Journey until now.

Friday, 25 September 2015

Zoom Out!

Quite often in our day to day lives.. we get so engrossed in the monotony of our routine, we forget what is our main purpose.
Most of us, are not in our ideal position at the moment.. with the best job.. best salary.. luxurious home to live in.. I have personally come across so many people who are underemployed.. they don’t tend to utilize their full potential.. Flip side of the coin, we might notice people who work two jobs.. or even three.. just to make ends meet.. and still at the end of the day.. when all you hear is words of disappointment.. from your teachers.. boss.. or family.. even your friends.. its very easy to give up.. Lose hope.. and say the dreadful words “I CANT”
What’s the next step.. that the humans cling to.. after they have lost hope of achieving anything.. or are not sure of where their life is leading them on to.. They attach themselves to the nasty state of “DENIAL”. In this case they do not want to think about the situation, they are escaping from it.. or they have accepted their life and their future as their present!  But is this where you want to be? Is this your goal? your destination? Or is this just moment in your journey?

We tend to blame and hold ourselves responsible for everything wrong in our life.. (Which is a good thing, because then you can change the direction to actually meet your destination!) But what do we do.. we get trapped between the first step.. of accepting responsibility for our life and the next step which is actually action to improve it.. and we get trapped with the life mantra of “jaise zindagi chal rahi hai.. usse waise hi chalne do!”
We get so demotivated, that we accept that we are constantly going to be in a meaningless job, or never find our soulmate.. never get married.. or never to pass to actually have a credited qualification.. Our life doesn’t make any more sense itoo to us! You keep thinking.. where am I stuck! This is not where I wanted to be..
Which is wrong!! Our actions and thoughts have a huge impact on life.. and our future actions..
What we need to realize is, that we should not take small, trivial disappointments to be the final outcome for our life..  When we are standing underneath a tall building.. all we see is chaos on the street.. lots of traffic.. probably construction work.. across the street.. a lady crossing the road with a crying child.. Does not make sense.. right? Now if you were to go on to the top of the building.. what would be the scene like.. beautiful vision.. maybe you can see the ocean on the horizon.. there is no noise.. no pollution.. no distractions.. you are calm here.. you can see the entire picture here! This is what we need to apply to our life as well!
We need to let go.. of the daily dose of drama.. the tiny issues.. so that we can look at the big picture! See where you started a year ago.. and where you are now.. how much you have progressed, how much you have survived! And how strong you are now.. then what you were before..
And the next time.. you hear complaints and disappointing statements.. or your efforts are not showing the desired results.. Keep saying “This is just a stepping stone.. and not my destination!” After all you have to motivate yourself.. no one else is coming to save you!
Lets try and make this a new mantra.. “This is just a stepping stone and not my destination!” Even if you said a couple of times while reading this.. I am sure it will change your outlook.. on your present situation! Learn to Zoom Out on the picture of your life.. and you will enjoy the scene, a pixelated picture is just ugly!
So guys, that’s it for this time’s post.. Share your thoughts in the comments sections.. how did you like this weeks blog.. and do let me know.. if you have any suggestions or comments for my future blogging adventures! Do subscribe to more Gyan.. and check out the new twitter page for ConfusedGyani along with the Facebook page.. Links in the comments section! 

Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Life lessons from the heroes of our life!

We come across so many people in our day to day monotonous life.. Some we know very well like our family and friends.. some we prefer to know as just acquaintances.. like our colleagues, classmates or teachers.. and some we don’t know at all.. complete strangers we meet in train or on the bus.. or in a restaurant..

They say, life teaches us, everything necessary to know, to survive.. true.. But life teaches us these lessons through these wonderful people we know, these people who we call our family or friends.. and sometimes, if the lesson is really really important.. life makes sure we learn it.. even if it is from the hands of a stranger! I call these people heroes.. they are the ones, that have guided me through confusing times.. served as an inspiration.. when I really needed it.. or even when I did not need it.. but was acting lazy.. anyone who has taught me an important life lesson.. whether directly or indirectly.. is a hero in my life!

Here, I would like to share a few life lessons that I have learned from the heroes of my life! Hopefully you can relate to them!

Accept your mistakes! – this is the most important life lesson, I have learnt! I have seen people throw their lives into the drain.. but take a complete U turn and personify the saying “At any given moment you have the power to say: this is not how the story is going to end”. These are the people you thought are set for doom! But prove you wrong.. when they accept their mistake.. and decide that their life is in their hands.. that they are 100% responsible for their lives! So they take all the burden with a smile and keep working to make their life a better one!

Let it go – Now this one, is tricky.. but an important lesson to learn! To let go of the things not in your control.. to let of things when you cant change them, but just have to accept them! But I have been lucky enough, where the heroes of my life did not force me to learn this.. they let the idea of forgiveness, acceptance and letting go blossom in me like a tiny flower blossoming in my heart! Because, I learnt from my heroes the more grudges and negativity you keep within your heart.. the pain “you” get, forgiving someone who does not deserve it.. is actually the best thing you can do to maintain the tranquillity of your heart and soul!

Be Silent- If you are a good human being, you will be appreciated (period.) There are no two ways to that! You might be appreciated within 5 minutes, or 5 months.. or even 5 years.. but you will get your due share of appreciation and acknowledgement! You never have to run after it! I learned this from people, who acted like fools and ran after being appreciated and respected.. they demanded it.. and did manage to get it to some extent.. but it was obvious that people did not mean to respect you.. and do it “just because!”

However, I also learned.. that people who do not ask for it.. and keep doing the good deeds in their life without any expectations.. are the ones that get the most respect and the ones that you may look up to or idolize! They never asked for it! Also, it is important to know, that these people do good.. because it generates a calm serene and good feeling within us, not for appreciation!

Resilience – life surrounds us, with both type of people.. the lazy ones and the hardworking ones.. it is your choice who you look at.. from who do you wish to learn! The resilient heroes taught me.. that if you want to achieve something, go after it.. it will not be served to you! I learned, nothing comes easy and it is necessary to be hard working towards your goal! If you don’t have it, you work hard to achieve it.. but if you are lucky enough for it to be served on a silver platter.. you still have to work hard to maintain it! There is no other way!

I have been fortunate enough to learn that overcoming any challenge should be done with a smile and lots of enthusiasm, that that is the true essence of being resilient!

Walking away – Now this one, especially goes to the people, who taught me, made me wonder “whether they were bringing negativity in my life?” and if they were.. I learned to walk away from them.. I learned to disconnect and selectively socialize! Firstly, it is not important for you to know everyone.. and know everyone’s sad story! Again, I would say.. life brings you both kinds of people.. positive and negative.. it is upto you, what you decide to learn! Everyone teaches you something.. may be big or small..

Negative people taught me.. what I should not do.. like talk about my problems for sympathy, be vengeful or two-faced.. are just some of those! And when I had already learned these lessons.. and if I be with them anymore, it is just going to bring negativity in to my life.. I cut them off! Because you are 100% responsible for your life! Your choices decide your future!

So.. those are a few life lessons that I have learned.. from the heroes of my life! Please let me know, if I missed out on any.. or share your experiences of learning the life lessons.. Any comments or suggestions on Confused Gyani’s journey up til now or for the future posts are welcome..

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